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As the Head of the Fashion Department, my primary responsibility was to spearhead the development of new concepts for the Anikena brand, focusing on a jungle couture aesthetic where nature served as our main muse.

Each garment featured materials that were carefully selected for their uniqueness, and they were meticulously hand-embroidered and crafted by exceptionally talented artisans located in Francisco Uh May, Tulum.

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"The Networks of the Universe - Aníkena 2022"



In the age of transmutation, invisible energies become visible and are transformed to become present in matter. Gaia, the creator goddess has opened the gates of presence to the three sister energies that weave a universe in which they rejoice. Their countenances reflect the power, seduction, and mystery that each one carries with nature.

A sound plays in the vault of their home, the sound of curiosity. The appetite for the answers to their questions, after having been enraptured by the lullaby of the senses that have been awakened in the jungle; the one that makes them uncomfortable and leads them to take a journey, take flight and carry in the nets of their universe the message of the delicacy and power of nature.

The concept of co-creation, contributing ideas related to the cosmos, nature, and the perfection of imperfection, make Anikena a dreamlike brand with great authenticity.


Exploring new materials such as Kombucha leather, edible textiles, handmade weaves, and constant transdisciplinary enrichment make it a constant creative challenge in the process of product development.


Red is a characteristic color in Mexico known for its vibrancy, boldness, and passion.


The Gunna’ Xiya dress draws inspiration from Oaxaca, a magical place in Mexico rich in culture, craftsmanship, and gastronomy.


Specifically, it takes cues from the rebozos crafted on pedal looms in Mitla, featuring exclusive designs of geometric fretwork reminiscent of pre-Hispanic architecture, with complementary gold and black accents.

The dress incorporates an internal structure technique inspired by designer Charles James. It is crafted using the Moulage Zero Waste method to minimize fabric waste, with hand stitching applied in various techniques such as gaviado and invisible darning.

The Gunna’ Xiya dress was selected to be showcased in " Muestra de Moda Mexicana"  in Barcelona in 2018.


Serenity, mystery, contemplation

Moonlight possesses a mysterious sense of magic and wonder.

Its gentle glow has the power to transform ordinary landscapes into ethereal and otherworldly places.

With its calming effect, moonlit nights are often associated with serenity and tranquility. The soft, serene flow of the moonlight can create a peaceful atmosphere that soothes the soul.

The moon itself goes through phases, representing the cycles of life, death, and renewal. Moonlight, therefore, symbolizes the cyclical nature of existence and the opportunity for new beginnings that each phase brings.






The 1968 collection draws inspiration from the iconic Grand Hotel of Mexico City, a landmark of Art Nouveau architecture.


Reflecting the elegance and sophistication of this historical gem, the collection features embroidered garments crafted from luxurious silk, intricately pleated fabrics, and elements of transparence that capture the essence of the era.

Each piece pays homage to the opulence and grandeur of the Grand Hotel, bringing forth a sense of timeless beauty and allure reminiscent of Mexico City's rich artistic heritage.



"The cosmos, nature, the elements, all energies and living beings must coexist in balance, to protect and perpetuate life."

The essence of Mayan philosophy is found in its conception of living beings, its brotherhood towards humanity and the stars of the cosmos, with harmony, freedom and LOVE.

In the Mayan culture, butterflies were the warriors killed in battles or sacrifices. These warriors, on their way to the underworld, accompanied for four years the sun god, the great Itzamná, creator of everything, then their transformation into a butterfly was completed, a kind of return to the eternal.

This culture had a symbol of power called, Hunab Ku, the galactic butterfly, the supreme god, incor- poreal, a concept that represented the ancestral consciousness, creator of everything.

Peépem look is inspired by the butterflies, the freedom and the connection with nature, that all the humans needs to reach the balance.


Proyecto Azulik Yukiko Uscanga_edited.jpg


FABRIC: Bamboo Silk

TRIMS: Lined Buttons Invisible zipper

TECHNIQUE FOR PRINTS: Hand painted Wooden printed



Divinity/ Sea/Spiritual


Ideal /Purity/ Eternal



Proyecto Azulik Yukiko Uscanga GUG_edite


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